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The benefits of outsourcing (using managed services)

First we will go over what Philippines has to offer your company. After that we will discuss the unique advantages of managed operations (aka staff leasing) for your company.

Benefits of Outsourcing

The Philippines has a lot to offer for clients seeking highly educated English as a native language staff. Brealant offers a non-traditional system of outsourcing designed to put you in control of your processes, outsourcing, and staff.

The numbers...

 #1 Philippines is the #1 global destination for call center and customer service outsourcing.
#2Manila is the #2 global destination for overall outsourcing, following Bangalore, India.
70% Your Philippines operation will save you on average 70%.
English The Philippines is the top choice for North American companies seeking an easy to understand accent, ideal for sales and customer support positions.
 41,000,000  A huge and young workforce that allows clients to choose the best and highest educated candidates. 
 #4 The total Manila urbanized area is listed as having a population of 24,123,000 by Demographia, making it the 4th most populous urban area in the world.
 1,300,000 As of 2016, BPO is generating $25 billion in revenues and 1.3 million direct jobs.
 0%The Philippines provides for zero income tax, zero import duty, and zero VAT for qualified BPO enterprises. 

Opportunity for expansion

Map of the Philippines

Official Name: Republic of the Philippines
Geography: Archipelago of 7,107 islands
National Languages: English, Filipino
Population: 103 Million
Labor force: 41 Million
Currency: Philippine Peso
Religion: Roman Catholic- 90%
GDP: $348B (2016)
Capital: Manila
Literacy rate: 92%
Average population age: 23.1 years 

A few factors make the Philippines an ideal location for outsourcing

  • English is the primary language as according to Philippines law, English is used in governments education. Philippines has a very high literacy rate of over 92% in the general population
  • Excellent higher education system promoted by a nation with historically many overseas workers. There is an abundance of highly trained professionals including engineers, IT professionals, bookkeepers, certified accountants, lawyers, creative designers, and medical professionals. 
  • Compatible Westernized culture as a result of a years of influence under colonization initially by the Spanish in 1565 and later by the United States in 1901. This greatly reduces cultural barriers that are often faced in outsourcing (especially when compared to India). 
  • Low salary levels when compared to developed nations such as the USA. Salaries are on average only 30 % of a comparable hire in the USA, meaning hiring managers will normally realize cost savings with Brealant of 60-80%. 
  • Quality IT infrastructure as a result of Philippines being rated by Fitch, Moody's, and S&P as investment grade. Philippines has excellent fiber optic connections directly linking it to the USA at 1 Wilshire in Los Angeles, CA. 
  • Politically Stable as a result of a transition from colonization that has moved towards a functioning democracy. 
  • Attractive investment environment as the government welcomes outsourcing and foreign direct investment. The result of this is that your outsourcing activities in the Philippines will generally be tax free, which is supported by public policy as your staff will be paying income tax on their salaries.