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Call center agent

call center agent

  • Philippines $1724 
  • USA $4041


Web developer

Web developer

  • Philippines $2536 
  • USA $10230


Finance professional

Finance Professional

  • Philippines $1956 
  • USA $6948

All Brealant costs include, staff salary, grade-A office space with generator backup, redundant fiber internet, managed PCs with IT support, payroll taxes, staff health insurance, etc. Recruitment and staff replacement is provided by Brealant free of charge...

Some more examples of salaries in Manila are as follows, we can also assist you in finding thousands of other job descriptions: 

 Profile In the United StatesAt Brealant (in Philippines) Savings
Call center agent$4041$172457%
Clinical Coder$5270$128476%
Creative designer$5377$154071%
Data processor$3077$135156%
Finance professional $6948$195672%
Human resources professional$8057$190776%
Inbound marketing professional $7675$210873%
 Industrial designer/engineer $8468 $3518 58%
 IT Engineer$10718$231978%
Online Marketer$7060$157178%
Operations Specialist$6522$220866%
Web Developer$10230$254675%

*These figures above include all costs of hiring staff in respective market, including office costs, health insurance, payroll, Brealant fees, etc.