Intellectual Property in Switzerland

In Switzerland, individuals and businesses register their innovations and creations with the IPI to protect them from being copied.

In this organization inventions are patented, signs registered as trademarks and shapes as designs. It also keeps the public registry for the management of IP rights and informs the public about the possibilities of protecting intellectual property.

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Trademark registration

As of 2018, the total number of trademarks registered in Switzerland was of 507,100! If you want to register your trademark in one of the biggest countries for Intellectual Property protection, you must learn about the requirements. For the registration, they will be registered if the trademarks fulfill all of the requirements for protection. Besides, all goods and services must be correctly classified. Due to the multilingualism of the country, it's possible to examine applications filed based on all three national languages, as well as English.

Our service fee for trademark registration in Switzerland is only USD$250.

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Trademarks in Switzerland

Patent registration

For inventions that improve or develop a product or a manufacturing process, a patent can be granted. They give the owner the right to restrict other people from commercially using the invention. Patents present rewards and incentives for research and development. They especially encourage technical innovation and contribute to the growth and spread of technical knowledge. They are proof of the innovative strength of an enterprise and allow it to secure the use of its invention in a highly competitive market.
Brealant provides the service of patent attorneys who will help to analyze an invention for its essential features and to complete the patent application.
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Patents in Switzerland
Trademark registration
Patent registration

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