Peru Trademark Registration

How does trademark application work in Peru? 

There are three easy steps to register your application:

Step 1. Trademark Comprehensive Study; 

Before filing your trademark in Peru, it's important that you evaluate possible obstacles that may arise during the registration process. 

  • It will not only list similar trademarks (graphic/phonetic) that may conflict with yours, but it will also give you an opinion from our attorney about registration possibilities. 
●A trademark search report with an analysis of registration possibilities.​

●Avoid legal oppositions & objections that may arise during registration.​

●Recommendation of experienced trademark     attorneys.​

Step 2. Trademark Registration Request

●The application will be filed by a trademark attorney. 

●You will receive a scanned copy of the application plus a filing report. 

●Online updates of the registration process from     our website.​

Step 3. Trademark Registration Certificate 

Once your trademark application is approved by the Trademark Office, our attorneys will complete all necessary tasks to obtain the registration certificate in Peru.

  • After the certificate is obtained, it will be forwarded to your postal address along with a registration report specifying the registration number, registration date, and any special consideration that should be taken into account in Peru. 
●The registration certificate is available after the application is approved.​

●Includes a registration report with trademark numbers and dates. ​

●We will periodically remind you of important     dates, including trademark renewal.

Registration Proceeding

The application is filled at the Direction of Distinctives Signs of the Peruvian Trademark Office (INDECOPI).

Multiple-class applications are possible. However, official fees have to be paid for each class. 
Foreign applicants need a local agent.
The processing time from first filing to registration or first office action is approximately 5 to 6 months.
Before registration, the trademark application will be published in the electronic Gazette of INDECOPI within a period of 30 working days

Period to Oppose 

Any third party affected by the application may file an opposition within 30 working days from the publication date of the application. Oppositions may be filed by trademark owners in other member states of the Andean Community. The trademark application will be published in the electronic Gazette of INDECOPI within a period of 30 working days from the date of filing. 

Trademark Validity

Trademark registration is valid for 10 years from the date of registration and renewable for periods of 10 years. If the registrant fails to renew the mark on the expiry date, the registrant is still given a grace period of 6 months after the expiration date of the trademark to renew the mark.

Requirement of Use 

If the trademark not been used for a continuous period of 3 years in a member state of the Andean Community, it may be subject to cancellation action for non-use by third parties.

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