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How can I register my trademark in Peru?

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In this page you will learn about Intellectual Property in Peru. Brealant files trademarks, patents, and copyright in Peru.

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Registering your trademark in Peru.

We live in an evolving market, where creativity and innovation are gaining space. Today, not only is the material valuable: brands, inventions, literary works, ancestral knowledge and industrial designs, to name a few, also have value. Many of these products, protected by intellectual property rights, have become very valuable in our society.

For this reason, Indecopi administers the system of rights over trademarks of products or services, commercial names and slogans, denominations of origin and any other distinctive sign.
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How to patent your inventions in Peru?

In Peru, the regulatory framework for granting patents is contained in Decision 486 of the Common Industrial Property Regime. Decision 486 is valid in countries belonging to the Andean Community (CAN).

There are two types of patents granted in the country: invention patents and utility model patents. The difference between both lies in the type of invention that each one protects, the form of evaluation of the requirements and the time of protection that it will have after being granted.
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