Industrial design registration process in the Philippines 

Brealant is an expert filer of industrial designs in the Philippines. The process is managed from our office in the Philippines. Brealant Inc. is an authorized patent agent in the Philippines. We are experts in this line and file a large number of patents. A utility model is a registration of an industrial design and protects the owner's design from infringement. 

Generally it takes us 2 weeks to draft and file an industrial design. Our fees to draft and file an industrial design are $1100 including all government fees.

Industrial Design

An Aesthetics and Ornamental Features, from a manufactured item that doesn't focus on explaining the features of the product.


The validation from the date of filling can last for five years and can be renew for two consecutive periods consist of five years each, with a maximum of 15 years of protection.

Things that are not to considered as a designs

• Natural products

• Words without any figurative element

• Ideas, methods, processes

• Functions (patents)

• Smells and fragrances

• Music and sounds

U.D. & I.D. Registration Procedure

Filing Requirements

– Specification

• Title

• Drawings and brief explanation

• Characteristic features

• Omnibus claim
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