Brealant Patent (Invention) drafting and prosecution in the Philipppines

Patent (Invention) registration in the Philippines is valid for 20 years. The Philippines requires annual fees to be paid for patent maintenance. Software and process patents are not accepted in the Philippines. 
Generally it takes us 2 weeks to draft and file a patent. Our fees to file a patent are $1200 including all government fees.

Legal Requirements


An Invention should be 100% new to surpass the examination.

Novelty Claims considered as the hearth of the patent

Involves Inventive Step

To be specific it should be a "Not Obvious" factor to be registered as a patent.

There shouldn't be no similarities from the specifications of the goods from the other similar goods that is offered by another business.

Must be of Practical Use

The terms and conditions should be 

"Industrially Applicable" 

to earn a successful patent registration.

Limitations of a Patent

  1. Geographical Limits - Can only be protected within the country of application, through natural territory and could be useful.
  2. Time Limits - Protected for 20 years from the filing date of the application.
  3. Fee Dependent - Scheduled Annuities
  4. Scope - Claims from the patent should be detailed for full protection.
  5. First to file system - Those who filed first were consider as the legal owner.

    Filing Requirements

    Specification or Description containing:

    • a. The Title

    • b. A brief statement of its nature and purposes

      c. Brief explanation of the drawings, if any

      d. Complete and detailed enabling description

      e. Distinct and explicit claim or claims which the applicant seeks to be protected

          f. Abstract of the invention

    Drawing Rule

    If there is a drawing. (Drawn on Bristol Board)

    Size: A4 = 29.7cm x 21cm

    Imaginary Margins:

    Top; 5.5cm    Left: 2.5cm

    Bottom: 1.0    Right:1.5cm

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