Patent Registration in the Philippines

Brealant is an expert drafter and filer of patents in the Philippines. The process is managed from our office in the Philippines.

We are experts in this line and file a large number of patents.

Brealant Inc. is an authorized patent agent in the Philippines

We file the following types of patents:

Industrial Design

Apply your Aesthetics Now!

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File your Innovative Creation Now!

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Utility Model

Register your Creative Improvements Now! 

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Importance of Patents, Utility Model and Industrial Design for our business

It is important to know how important to register and apply for Patent, Utility Model and Industrial Design for the sake of your company or business.

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It is a source of revenue

To profit from goods and services.

To benefit marketing opportunities

It strengthens the possible market position.

Bargain Advantage

To control the ability to negotiate.

Industry Connections

Ability to franchise and to profit.

Defense Support

Protection from illegal claims.

Patent Process Flow Chart