Utility Model (Patent) registration in the Philippines

A utility model is a type of patent that is distinctly different from an Invention. A utility model is an improvement on an existing patent (that may or may not be your own invention). Our experts will assist you to draft the utility model and file in in the Philippines. 

Generally it takes us 2 weeks to draft and file a utility model. Our fees to file a patent are $1100 including all government fees.

Utility Model

An Innovations/ Improvements of New and Industrially Applicable patents, thus U.M. that lack an inventive steps is called a Petty Patents.

Protection for minor inventions

Valid for Seven years from the date of filling, with no possibility of renewal.

Request of Registrability Report for enforcement of I.P. Rights.

First-To-File Rule

Early file, most prioritize!

It is very important to know that who ever file first will have a guarantee of protection

U.D. & I.D. Registration Procedure

Requirements for Filling

– 2 copies of the Request for the Registration of Utility Model Form

– Specification
• Title
• Statement of nature and purpose
• Drawings and explanation, if any
• Claims
• Abstract
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