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Intellectual Property in the Philippines

Trademark Registration
Patent Registration
Copyright Registration

Philippines is a member of the WIPO, and in order to file Intellectual Property one requires a local agent for international filers.

Brealant Inc. is an authorized local agent.

Trademark registration
Patent registration
Copyright registration
Trademark registration
We understand registering a trademark might be a new endeavor for many people. Registering a trademark is a great milestone for a business, as it generally means that concrete plans have already been made. We are here to support you in your journey by helping you protect your Intellectual Property (IP) in the Philippines.

Trademark Research:

Step #1: Determine what class your trademark belongs in.

Step #2: Search the database to find out if there are any conflicts. Just because there is a conflict doesn't mean you can or cannot proceed.

Step #3: File your registration and pay the fee

Step #4: Wait for an answer from the IPOPHL. (6 months on average).

Step #5: Receive your certificate

Step #6: File your Declaration of Actual Use

Step #7: Respond to any Office Actions (rarely happen)

We will assist you on doing your trademark search. We are currently running a promotion and will do trademark searches for free.

Please contact our staff via livechat/email/contact form/phone to do the trademark search for you. We will provide you a trademark search. All we need is the mark you want to register and the type of product or service.
Patent registration
An invention patent is a government-issued grant, bestowing an exclusive right to an inventor over a product or process that provides any technical solution to a problem in any field of human activity which is new, inventive, and industrially applicable.

Recognizing the role of the patent system as a driver to further research and innovation, IPOPHL hopes to encourage more Filipino inventors to seek international protection of their inventions, considering the fee waiver program and the office’s upgrading of competence and expertise.

The Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines sets three conditions for an invention to be deemed patentable: it has to be new, involves an inventive step, and industrially applicable. In the IP Code, an invention is not considered new if it already forms part of the domain of prior art.  Prior art is explained in the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines, Chapter 2, Section 24 - 24.2

An invention involves an inventive step if, having regard to prior art, it is not obvious to a person skilled in the art at the time of the filing date or priority date of the application claiming the invention. An invention that can be produced and used in any industry is considered industrially applicable.

The term of a patent shall be twenty (20) years from the filing date of the application. The patent must be maintained yearly, starting from the 5th year.
Copyright registration
​Copyright is the legal protection extended to the owner of the rights in an original work. “Original work” refers to every production in the literary, scientific and artistic domain.

Among the literary and artistic works enumerated in the IP Code includes books and other writings, musical works, films, paintings and other works, and computer programs.

Copyright laws grant authors, artists and other creators automatic protection for their literary and artistic creations, from the moment they create it.

Registration or deposit of your works isn’t necessary but authors and artists may opt to execute and affidavit of ownership with the National Library or the IPOPHL for the issuance of registration and deposit.

Our IP Services

The services listed on this page refer to those related to Intellectual Property in the Philippines. For incorporation please refer to our website.

The entity in charge of Intellectual Property in the Philippines is the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL).

We are ready to help you protect your business. If you need more information, feel free to ask us any questions.

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