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Contracts Management & Review

In-house lawyers increasingly find themselves overwhelmed with contract review requestsWe review, revise, and check mortgage contracts for mortgage companies, lending companies, and private equity groups. 

Brelant provides an end-to-end contract lifecycle management solution that includes: contract management, review, drafting, redlining, negotiation, abstraction and summarization. We summarize executed contracts, map clauses against regulations, identify key terms, conduct gap analyses, issue amendments, globalize contracts and populate contracts databases.

Our teams are experienced with many third-party contract lifecycle management software packages such as SciQuest, Selectica, Onit, Novatus, Emptoris, Apttus, Ariba and SharePoint-based systems. At times we use we employ tools such as Kira and Seal for automated contract data extraction and analytics.

Brealant supports our clients by:

Adding capacity improves moral: By engaging Brealant's teams of specialist contract lawyers we free your lawyers from routine, low-value work so they can focus on higher-value activities. This leads to higher job satisfaction, reducing turnover in your legal department.

Managing rights and obligations: We summarize executed contracts, identifying key terms and dates to populate or create contracts databases, and we support the ongoing monitoring and management of contractual rights and obligations.

Creating contract review and negotiation playbooks: We create contract playbooks. Our deliverables include approved templates, negotiating, and fallback positions. They also include sections outlining standard operating procedures, roles, responsibilities, KPIs and decision rights.

Brealant's legacy contract review and migration services offer:

Cost-effective manual contract review and abstraction: We use licensed attorneys to abstract each field.

Cost transparency: Through a fixed per-contract price, monthly, or hourly rates.

Uploading into contract management systems: Following contract execution or legacy contract review, we can support migrations into CLM systems.