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Systems consulting

Zoho CRM Consulting

We provide CRM consulting in the Philippines. We run a full cloud based platform (that includes CRM, accounting, web and social media management), project management, help desk, and ERP) as our back office platform and are thus experts at managing it. If you need help with deploying best practice systems, we are here to help. We offer this service to support our clients.



We use CRM internally to manage our customer leads, sales and communication channels, and general marketing and customer management efforts. If you are already using or thinking about deploying the cloud based CRM suite you know it can be complicated. Our staff are experts at using it and we offer consulting services in CRM to a select group of customers. 


Accounting and project management

Zoho Books is an accounting software platform used to manage our books, as well as the books of our accounting client customers. It is a full enterprise grade solution. Zoho project is a project management system use to track processes. We use Zoho project internally to track tasks and workflows inside our company. We consult with clients on deployments of Zoho Books and Zoho Project.