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Web Developer salary in Manila

Imagine having a full time web developer on staff for just over $2500 per month in the USA. Impossible. In the Philippines it is possible. PHP, Javascript, CSS, you name it. We will conduct a custom search to obtain the skills you desire. Note that lower level experience can be obtained at significantly lower monthly costs. This can include light bookkeeping, logistics, e-commerce inventory management, etc. This person works the same hours you work, and is provided with US phone number (or hundreds of other countries to choose), and she works for you full time, 40 hours per week. If staff work more than 40 hours per week, you just pay the difference hourly and Brealant fee in many cases remains the same.

Salary Breakdown:

Staff monthly salary: $1871

-includes: Salary for staff for 40 hours per week, health insurance, unemployment insurance, and all payroll taxes.

Brealant monthly fee: $675

includes: dedicated office desk in grade-A office building with generator backup, full IT support, card key access control, staff attendance monitoring, payroll, legal, HR compliance, managed secure PC, redundant fiber internet, office phone with US phone number, and more

Total: $2546/month

Included: All staff recruiting. If you want to replace a team member, just let us know and we will recruit a replacement free of charge to you!

Additional options (additional cost):

-Video surveillance

-Bio-metric access control

These prices are actual average prices. We can actually hire you a dedicated staff at the above prices. Of course the final price will vary (maybe more or less) as we conduct a recruitment search designed for you. You will decide the salary you pay your staff, and we will bill you the entire amount (using our payroll system) on a monthly basis. For more information on Staff Leasing -click here-