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Workplace 2.0

What is a workplace 2.0? For clients we enable companies to quickly add managed staff, thereby saving the headaches of global outsourcing. We leverage our scale to provide a quality workplace, that is up to international standards. It is a win-win for both staff and hiring managers. We sit in the middle between our client's staff and the demands of our clients. Thus we seek to meet the needs of both as best we can. First we provide a secure working environment.

For staff...


Community space

Community Space

At Brealant all our offices are equipped with a workbar. This workbar has fridge, free water, free coffee & tea, dishes, dishwasher, and most important a clean place for staff to get together for lunch to socialize. 


Dedicated workspace

Dedicated Workspace

Staff need their space to work, so we provide dedicated workspace they call their own. 


Pizza parties

Pizza Parties

Monthly pizza parties to allow allow staff to meet, interact, and have fun. It also allows staff working for a small organization of a few staff, to have the camaraderie of working for a large organization 

For hiring managers...

We find that most hiring managers want a few things (besides security and high quality staff), so we do our best to provide those. 


Time & attendance

Time and Attendance

Our time and attendance systems record staff work hours providing full transparency to clients. 


Activity control

Activity Control

You don't pay your staff to surf facebook, so we include standard software to block unwanted surfing. 


Background checks

Background Check

As an option for clients that desire it, we offer background checks of employees.