Trademark Registration


Submitting documents to apply.

- Documents that a trademark is requested.

- I.D. and signature of the applicant.

- A portrayal of the brand to be applied. 

- The products or services to which it will be applied.

Upon the submission of the application, an examination will perform, if the application meets all the requirements, and if so, the applicant will grant ownership of the brand. However, if the examiner founds a defect in the documents, a notice will be sent to the applicant to remind and to respond within 2 months.


If the previous examination of the application didn't have any defects or the applicant respond properly to the notice,

the application will be forwarded together as a formal examination.


When the formal examination passed, the SPTO will control whether the application introduces in opposition to open requests or great traditions. This lawfulness assessment might be done related to the conventional assessment when the SPTO is the capable body for the comparing Autonomous Community is not yet start to its enrollment powers. On the off chance that the SPTO watches any deformity in legality, it will tell the candidate so that inside one month, it might state what it    thinks about suitable. On the off chance that this test can't, the application will deny.


On the off chance that the lawfulness assessment as previously was pass, the application will be distributed in the Official Gazette of Industrial Property so that inside two months (the B.O.P.I. is distributed every day), any individual who sees himself as/herself to be influenced may introduce a record contrary to the allowing of the mentioned trademark.


After the opposition filing period, the application is inspected to check whether it influences any of the outright denials that have been recently demonstrating (craftsmanship. 5.1 of the Trademark Law) and on the off chance that it comprises of the name, surname, nicknames, or some other sign that for the overall population recognizes an individual other than the candidate (craftsmanship. 9.1.b). If resistance has been recorded or the trademark applied for acquires any of the previously mentioned denials, the preparing is suspended, advising the protests and complaints introduced to the candidate so it can define the charges and give the reports it regards proper inside the term one month from the distribution of the anticipation in the BOPI The candidate can alter the brand in the feeling of constraining the items or administrations at first mentioned. likewise, it can take out from the set the component causing the protest, given that such change doesn't generously adjust the imprint as mentioned.


Submitting documents to apply.

On the off chance that the mentioned mark doesn't acquire any denial and no resistance that documented against it, the SPTO will give the trademark. When the period set for the answer, the suspension may slip by, regardless of whether the candidate has replied, the enrollment will allow or probably deny, in entire or to a limited extent, as suitable. This goal, which conveys to the candidate, doesn't end the managerial system and can be bid on advance inside a time of one month from its production in the B.O.P.I., being this earlier and compulsory asset to go to the petulant course.

Under the Trademark Law (Fifth Additional Provision), the maximum period available to the OEPM to resolve a trademark application is:

- 12 months if the application does not suffer any suspense, and it has no opposition.

- 20 months if the registrant suffered any suspense or had oppositions.
Duration of protection

The initial duration of a Trademark/Trade name is 10 years from the date of filing, and the Trademark/Trade name may be maintained indefinitely for successive             periods of 10 years, although renewal fees need to be paid in this case.

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