Nice Class 22: Cordage and Fibers

In the intricate intellectual property and trademark classification world, Nice Class 22 emerges as the sturdy foundation upon which industries are built. Appropriately named “Cordage and Fibers,” this class encompasses the materials that bind, strengthen, and support various applications. From ropes that hold structures together to fibers that shape textiles, Nice Class 22 plays a fundamental role in shaping our world’s physical and functional aspects.

Understanding Nice Class 22: Cordage and Fibers Defined

Nice Class 22 is the realm of resilience, housing diverse materials that offer strength, durability, and versatility. From natural fibers to synthetic cords, this class provides the tools that span industries, from construction to textiles, to create structures, fabrics, and products that withstand the test of time.

Nice Class 22 – Specimens

  1. Ropes and Cordage: Class 22 encompasses ropes and cords used for various purposes, from sailing to industrial applications.

Specimen: Nylon Climbing Rope – A strong and durable rope used in rock climbing and outdoor activities.

  1. Tents and Tarpaulins: This class also includes materials for temporary shelters, such as tents and tarps.

Specimen: Waterproof Tarpaulin – A versatile covering that protects items from rain and environmental elements.

  1. Fibers for Textiles: Devices within this class include fibers that form the basis of textiles, clothing, and fabrics.

Specimen: Cotton Fiber – A natural plant-based fiber used in clothing, home textiles, and other products.

  1. Synthetic Fibers: Class 22 also encompasses synthetic fibers that offer specific properties, such as strength or flame resistance.

Specimen: Kevlar Fiber – A strong synthetic fiber used in protective gear, aerospace, and industrial applications.

  1. Netting and Sacks: This class houses netting and sacks used for containment, storage, and transportation purposes.

Specimen: Mesh Netting – A material used for fishing, sports, and insect protection.

Trademark Protection and Class 22

Trademark protection within Class 22 is crucial in establishing brand recognition and reliability for businesses operating in cordage and fibers. A well-crafted trademark becomes more than just a symbol; it signifies a brand’s commitment to providing materials that withstand the rigors of use.

Imagine a company specializing in eco-friendly and sustainable textiles. The company stands out in a competitive market by selecting a distinctive trademark and classifying it under Nice Class 22. It communicates its dedication to providing fibers that prioritize quality and environmental impact. The trademark symbolizes integrity, guiding customers toward materials that align with their values.


Nice Class 22: Cordage and Fibers is not merely a classification; it’s the backbone of industries that rely on materials of strength and endurance. From constructing shelters to crafting fabrics that adorn us, the products within this class contribute to both the physical and functional aspects of our lives.

As innovation continues to shape the world of cordage and fibers, the significance of precise classification and trademark protection within Class 22 remains steadfast. It’s not just about materials; it’s about crafting products that serve as cornerstones of various applications, from the functional to the artistic. So, the next time you encounter a trademark within Nice Class 22, remember that it’s more than just a label – it’s a tribute to these materials’ resilience and versatility to our world.

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