Procedure to Register a Trademark in Singapore

A trademark is an intangible asset that helps a person set their goods or services apart from those of others in the same business or trade. A logo, a design, a slogan, or anything that specifically depicts a brand can be a trademark. This blog will show you how to register a trademark in Singapore.

The Singapore Trade Marks Act 1998 serves as the legal foundation for Singapore’s trademark regulation. It was last revised in 2007. The Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS), a statutory board under the Ministry of Law, administers trademark registration in Singapore.

Procedure For Trademark Registration In Singapore

In Singapore, a trademark must be unique and graphically representable to be registrable and be able to differentiate its owner’s products or services from others. Here are the steps you must have to follow for trademark registration in Singapore-

Step 1 Research

You (or your legal advisor) should perform a search of the pre-existing marks in the registry of trademarks database before applying to register a trademark.

Step 2 Application filing

Applicants can apply for trademark registration in Singapore through online or offline mode by filling TM4 form available on the IP2SG platform by attaching the following documents:

  • Trademark clear graphical representation;
  • Displaying your name;
  • Address; and
  • Goods and services for which the trademark is filing

Step 3 Checking of formalities

The trademarks registry will perform formalities checks for every application. This checking assures that the applicant completes the minimum filing needs.

Step 4 Search for uniqueness

After clearing the formality stage, the examiner will check that the trademark must be unique and not similar to the existing ones.

Step 5 Application examination

After confirming the uniqueness, the examiner will examine the application to know whether the trademark registration is filed according to the law.

Step 6 Publication for public inspection

The applicant will be notified that their application has been accepted if there are no objections. The application will be available for public review in the Trademarks Journal for two months.

Step 7 Opposition

If there is any trademark opposition, an opposition hearing will be conducted. Moreover, if the mark is unacceptable, the report will send to the applicant that states the reason for non-acceptance. The applicant must respond within 4 months.

Step 8 Successful Registration

The registration certificate will be issued, and the trademark will be protected for 10 years if there is no successful objection.

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