Norton Combat trademarked in India: Royal Enfield rival from TVS?

An incredible 125 years of motorcycle history may be found with the British brand Norton. A well-known Indian two-wheeler manufacturer and the current parent company of Norton is TVS Motor Company. Norton has an existing lineup of three motorcycles and provides two different powertrains. ‘Combat’ is the name of a product that the British motorcycle company Norton has registered as a trademark in India. Since TVS Motor Company owns a 100% stake in the renowned brand, the potential of a Norton launch in India must be considered. In April 2020, TVS purchased Norton for Rs 153 crore, giving the latter a new lease on life.

TVS is a motorcycle company based in India, producing motorbikes since 1948. The company has a long history and is well known for its Royal Enfield motorcycles. However, TVS is not content to make motorcycles; the company also manufactures Norton Combat products. TVS has decided to enter the Norton Combat market and has trademarked the name Norton Combat in India. India is a big market, and with more people getting into motorcycles, it’s only natural that other companies try to capitalize on this growing trend. It will be interesting to see how Norton Combat does in this competitive industry.

Royal Enfield has an unmatched level of popularity and supremacy in the 350cc market. Yezdi, Honda, Bajaj, and Jawa brands have attempted to compete with Royal Enfield, but the results could have been more noteworthy. The Harley-Davidson X440 and Triumph Speed 400, two international heritage brands, will now compete with Royal Enfield.

The title “Norton Combat” most likely refers to a brand-new motorcycle in the cruiser type that TVS Motor Company is working on. This might be the first co-engineered Norton product for the Indian market. Since TVS acquired Norton, the British company’s whole lineup has been updated and now comprises the V4CR, V4SV, and the recently released Commando 961. There currently needs to be more information available about this potential motorbike. Still, considering the popularity and desire for mid-displacement modern classic motorcycles in India, it is possible that TVS would introduce a 400-500cc product under the Norton name.

Royal Enfield is known for its premium motorcycles. It manufactures three models—the RR 620 Capricorn, the Apache RR Classic, and the Edison GT Classic. Earlier this year, Royal Enfield unveiled the Norton Combat Edition of its Apache RR Classic motorcycle. The Norton Combat Edition features a custom graphics package, chrome strips on the gas tank and around the handlebars, and red line highlights on the fairing.

The patented Norton Combat strategy from TVS Motor Company Limited is based on two fundamental tenets: customization and performance, and it will undoubtedly compete favorably with Royal Enfield’s motorcycles. Additionally, TVS Motor Company Limited is certain that all customers, regardless of class or price range, will favor their motorcycles. Instead of being an effective vehicle for commuting or exploring the neighborhood, the business views its Norton Combat motorcycles as a lifestyle accessory. As additional high-end motorcycles manufacturers like Harley Davidson and Triumph enter this market, Norton, with its British pedigree, may emerge as a compelling choice for India’s expanding consumer base.

In terms of brand equity, R&D, engineering know-how, and production scale, TVS has a significant competitive edge that a mid-size Norton motorbike can use. However, with the Harley-Davidson X 440 and Triumph 400s, the stakes have been heightened. Just as important as pricing and brand building will be the launch schedule. Because of this, Triumph and Harley-Davidson are more well-known brands than Norton.

TVS’ priorities are restoring the Norton brand and fulfilling outstanding orders from its current clientele. The Hosur-based business has wholly updated the Norton product line, including the Commando 961 and the V4SV. The V4CR, a cafe racer based on the 187.5hp superbike, has also been released. While merely filing for a trademark does not ensure that it would be used, ongoing negotiations between the governments of India and the United Kingdom on a trade agreement may give the necessary push for a potential launch in the future.


TVS Motor Company is certainly making an impact in India with their plans to launch a new Norton Combat motorcycle. The Royal Enfield brand has ruled the Indian market for years, and TVS wants to break that monopoly. This new motorcycle will likely be a hit with Indian riders, as Norton is known for its high-quality motorcycles.

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