Samsung trademarks more names related to smart rings and wearables

Samsung is filing a plethora of trademarks to cover wearables and connected devices. Included in this slew are smart rings and wrist-worn devices. What does this mean for the future of Samsung hardware?

Smart rings and wearables have been steadily growing in popularity over the past few years, with companies such as Apple trying to capitalize on the market. Samsung has been following suit, filing a slew of trademark applications that could hint at their plans for the future of these products.

Samsung has registered new trademark names related to wearables and smart rings, including “Samsung Index,” “Samsung Circle,” and “Samsung Insight” with the UK intellectual property office. Google’s Patent Tracker recently spotted these trademark registrations. Three new names—Galaxy Pulse, Galaxy One, and Galaxy Rhythm—have also appeared, in addition to Samsung’s renewed application to trademark-related names in South Korea.

Initially, Samsung had to add the “Galaxy” name to the original trademarks registered in the UK last week because it was dissatisfied with them. Thus, the names Galaxy Insight, Galaxy Index, and Galaxy Circle were born a few days later. Second, Samsung has acquired three additional trademarks, each equally mysterious as the first. The application claimed that the gadget would be used for evaluating, tracking, and uploading data about one’s health, fitness, and sleep.

Even though this is not the first time a Samsung trademark application suggests a new wearable gadget is in the works, we can’t remember when Samsung applied for as many more trademarks that all appear to relate to accessories and/or smart wearables.

Given all of this information, we can assume that the Galaxy Index, Circle, and Insight are three potential names for an upcoming Samsung smart ring, even though these trademark filings can’t promise anything. On the other hand, Galaxy Pulse, Galaxy One, and Galaxy Rhythm might be three alternative names or one to three fresh apps that allow users to track their fitness and health on the device. The smart ring will keep track of and evaluate psychological and biometric data, vital signs, and individual health records to give medical advice as needed. If they are released, Samsung may attempt to replace their smart rings with health-tracking watches.

What to expect? Is anything new from the Galaxy?

GalaxyClub found the new Galaxy Pulse, Galaxy One, and Galaxy Rhythm trademarks at KIPRIS. It’s also interesting to note that while the Galaxy Index, Galaxy Circle, and Galaxy Insight all shared the Smartwatches, smart rings, smartphones, and wearable computers designations, the trademark applications for the Galaxy Pulse, One, and Rhythm classify those devices as wearables, such as smart bracelets, necklaces, rings, and glasses.

The ring appeared to have numerous sensors within, while the outside of the ring appeared to have a polished, metallic surface. The numerous sensors surrounding the finger from all angles are anticipated to provide more precise observations than existing health-tracking gadgets.

Samsung alone is aware at this time. Nevertheless, the Korean tech titan is developing a novel kind of smart device, whatever the circumstances. It even mentions adding support for smart rings in its most recent Health beta release. Although it’s possible that we won’t see such a gadget on stage at Unpacked later this month, we should know more about it shortly if such a device exists in Samsung’s research and development facilities.

There are few doubts that Samsung has the resources necessary to dominate this market sector. The company has a wealth of experience and a demonstrated commitment to innovation. It will be interesting to see which products the company patents and launches into the market. Samsung is often associated with flagship smartphones and tablets, but the company also has a long history of producing smart rings and other wearable devices. What other names might Samsung trademark in the near future?


It’s hard to say precisely what Samsung plans to do with all of these trademarks, but they’re sure to have some impact on the wearable and connected device market. We can only speculate at this point, but the rivals will be keeping an eye on how Samsung implements these trademark applications.

Samsung has recently filed several trademark lawsuits regarding smart rings and wearables. This suggests that the company intends to enter this market sector in a big way. Entering a market requires the uniqueness of the product and a strong trademark to stand in the competitive market of the rivals. Get yourself the best intellectual property advice from the expert of Brealant TM. Years of expertise and numerous satisfied clients are mere proof of the excellence of the firm’s professionals. Visit the website and book your session today.

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